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Captain's Log

A Treatise on Unconventional Tactics and Unique Diplomacy

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Name:Delia Battista
Writer is well over 21, character is also over 21
Note: this is a work in progress, I intend to poke at and edit this multiple times to get everything done.
Ready to FightHow you arere most likely to see her

"Dear, don't waste your breath. I'm not sure he's going to get it."

NAME: Delia Battista
ALIASES: Captain Battista, Delia, Del
FANDOM: Star Trek, specifically Star Trek Online
CANON POINT: (IMPORTANT) About a(n Earth) year or so after the war between the Feds and Klingons has been settled.
AGE: 36
SEX AND GENDER: Female, this is also the gender which she identifies (should her physical sex be switched via some event thing).
AFFILIATION: The Klingon Empire, albiet a loose affiliation based on a number of complicated factors. Various otherwise unaffiliated pirate factions. Delia is largely neutral these days, and works with any and everyone to accomplish whatever she needs to at the given time.

What I AM okay with: Most everything. I prefer to discuss it if it gets any kinkier than light bondage though.
What I am NOT okay with: The usual bodily fluid thing. Overly bloody or violent encounters, excessive gore. No Underage (ie: below 18).



BACKTAGGING: Oh hell yes. I'm sometimes slow due to RL issues or my own (usually job related), I'm also good with handwaving. Although in the case of handwaving, I'd like to discuss what exactly occurred.
THREADJACKING: Warn me first? That's all I ask. Gmail doesn't always notify me for tags, especially lately.

IC permissions

HUGS: Definitely, especially if you know her. Delia's very flirty and contact oriented
KISSES: Same as above.
FLIRTING: Flirty character is flirty, she'll usually initiate.
FIGHTING: Talk to me please! But I'm generally a go for it.
INJURY: TALK TO ME PLEASE. She's a squishy green skinned meatbag.
TELEPATHIC CONTACT: Talk to me please
WARNINGS: None, really, although she is really, really flirty and has no respect for personal space if she's fond of someone. If it gets to be too much, I can have her back off, I just need to be told. I am not afraid to edit or re-write if something makes anyone uncomfortable, or if something needs to be fixed to make a scene or situation flow better.


If you were to look up the definition of 'flirty', there's no doubt that in some editions, Delia would be listed as a prime example of it. Playful and flirty to a fault, Delia has a relaxed and casual personality that has her typically being friendly with any and everyone she meets, regardless of the situation. Delia tends not to focus on the negativity in the world, instead, she she focuses on the positive aspects of life, and how to improve upon them whenever she can. She's casually indifferent to the rude, rarely going past the point of mocking them relentlessly if they continue to annoy her.

That said, she's still a former pirate, conscripted into the Klingon Defense Force in lieu of imprisoning her (How she managed to sell that idea is a subject of debate and a question she never really answers directly). She can be serious, an excellent (If unconventional) tactician, and credible threat when she needs to be.

Delia does have her own moral code. As she prefers not to kill unless it's absolutely necessary, and she'll aid the defenseless, and so on.


A former, relatively unaffiliated space pirate who ended up being conscripted into the KDF supposedly thanks to her competence as a starship commander, and her charismatic attitude earning her a large number of friends within the Empire and without. Delia brings her unconventional, if effective, tactics to the Empire, as well as a non-Klingon way of thinking and noticing details and getting along with others diplomatically. Delia largely willingly works within the Defense Force's rules as something of a privateer, and occasionally represents the Empire in certain matters that require a more delicate touch, the Empire tends to otherwise leave her to her own devices as long as she behaves and comes when called to accomplish tasks.

Delia's crew consists largely of people who don't really fit within the Empire's views, alongside close friends and family members.

As a former pirate, she wasn't strictly famous, although her reputation for a lack of participation in the slave trade was widely known. Something that lead to disagreements between herself and the Orion Syndicate on more than one occasion. As a result--and quite possibly due to familial issues, as her mother isn't a member either--she's not a member. Delia rarely takes prisoners, finding them more trouble than they're worth. On the rare occasion she does, she typically arranges for them to find passage home--finding more use in earning friends and favors than enemies and bodies.

Like most Orion women, she does possess the ability to use her pheromones to manipulate others, but this is a conscious action for her, rather than a passive effect (As this writer tends to believe each Orion is a little different, with their own unique quirks into how it works, depending largely on their genetic background--and also to make it significantly less skeevy, and give other players the ability to ignore it). However, they only really work if the individual could be attracted to Delia in the first place. That said, the chemical effect is in most of her bodily fluids (Sweat, etc), but it isn't as effective as focusing it (ie: kinda like Poison Ivy).

Delia's ship is the Battista's Blade, a (heavily, after her engineer was through with it) modified, Klingon Raptor class starship that is on par with most of the Federation's Escort class ships. Not quite as nimble as a Bird of Prey, but trades that for slightly better defenses.


Delia is a relatively short (Five foot three, five five-ish, depending on the shoes she's wearing, if she wears any at all), curvy, humanoid woman with deep, dark green skin. She carries herself with a lazy, sort of sensual confidence that could also be described as largely unflappable in nearly any situation. To those that recognize her species, she's an Orion. She has shoulder-length black hair, and bright, intensely blue eyes. Although she has a scar over her right eye, and wears an eyepatch over it as evidence of a relatively recent (in the past year or so) injury.

In uniform, Delia typically wears a leather skirt-and-top combo with long sleeves and thick bracers on her arms, with knee-high heeled boots that help her stand a little taller (particularly among people who are, usually, much taller and more intimidating in appearance than her). It's a dark red and black uniform, with the emblem of the Klingon Empire on her left forearm, and a belt with a dagger at her hip. She forgoes the heavy armor Klingons typically wear, finding it too restricting and confining (Plus she's much shorter than most Klingon women, so to be fair, it doesn't really fit her unless specially tailored).

Out of uniform she's almost the complete opposite. Preferring looser, much more comfortable and flowing clothing, foregoing shoes altogether if she can get away with it, and little bits of jewelry here and there (A necklace, bracelet, etc).

Regardless of how she's dressed, Delia carries herself with an extreme, flirty confidence. Open, outgoing, and playful.

She speaks in the lower register, with an accent that's difficult to place directly, if not impossible to.

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AIM/PLURK/OTHER: AIM: Kintotech, Plurk: Kintotech

Star Trek, Star Trek Online, and all affiliated stuff belongs to Paramount, CBS, and Cryptic Studios. This is an RP journal for writing and fun, and I am not affiliated with any of the above. Delia is largely mine, although I do have a friend or two to thank for her surname. Her species and et cetera obviously aren't.
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